Zapraszamy do uczestnictwa w dniu 25.09.2021 w seminarium online w języku angielskim pt. “Wprowadzenie do Jungowskiej Sandplay Therapy” . Poniżej publikujemy informację o seminarium i jego prelegentach w języku angielskim.

Introduction into JUNGIAN SANDPLAY THERAPY workshop conference – 25.09. 2021 – (9.00- 15.00)


  • Maria Kendler – ISST sandplay therapist, chair of Sand Play Therapy Association Switzerland
  • Alix Glorieux – jungian psychoanalist, IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology), somatoterapist , ISST therapist, founder of Belgian Sandplay Association (BGST)
  • Véronique Büki – jungian psychoanalist IAAP, ISST therapist,founder of Belgian Sandplay Association (BGST)

They will give a lecture with case illustrations about:
– introduction to the practice of Sandplay therapy
– basic ideas of interpretation, including Jungian concepts
– presentation of the 3 roots of the Sandplay

Our event is also a possibility for the audience to get to know this method and the trainees, who shall start their trainig for professionals in 2021 November in Hungary.

In the afternoon trained international sandplay therapists will present case studies ( afternoon 13.30-15.00)

  • Agata Giza-Zwierzchowska (PL) –“Healing in Hands -neurobiological and analytical aspects of healing from Trauma in Sandplay Therapy process. “

Sandplay Therapy has both psychological and neurobiological benefits for patients struggling with the aftermath of psychological trauma at any age range.Trauma in many psychological concepts is an element that disintegrates the Self into unintegrated parts. It also affects the natural defence mechanisms of the psyche by activating archetypal defences of the Self. These defences often prevent access to traumatised memories through classical, verbal psychotherapy. We know that even after many years, traumatised people find it extremely difficult to tell others about what has happened to them. Their bodies re-experience terror, rage and helplessness, as well as the urge to fight or flee. These feelings are almost impossible to convey in words during psychotherapy. Trauma inherently brings us to the edge of understanding, cutting us off from language based on collective experiences and from an imaginable past. Despite this, people affected by trauma are able to talk about the tragedy that has befallen them. The universal language of symbols makes it possible to reach the roots of their problems without dreadful fear. This lecture will present the possibilities and benefits of Sandplay Therapy in psychotherapy with patients affected by traumatic experiences.

  • Marina Ionescu (RO) – The role of sandplay therapy in revealing transgenerational aspects

Working in sandplay can be very provocative and at the same time dangerous because we explore with clients’ unknown realms of the personal and family unconscious. Working with children make me look at the symptom as an alarm bell that brings the family to therapy. These can create difficulties when working in the sand takes us by surprise and highlights family secrets. The discovery of these secrets must be managed with great care and affection in the therapeutic process to find a solution and not be passed on to future generations. It will be presented the case of a very courageous 6-year-old girl and the way she “solves” the secret of her family by made it known.

  • Elena Zakharova (RUSS, HU) – Transformation of anger in Sandplay

A young man can not understand what pushes him to bite, scream and fight. How to establish contact with the world if the world does not understand him? The anger captivates, erupts or turns inside. It brings destruction and fear. A vignette from Sandplay process of one non-speaking child.

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